6yl-68 screw oil pressing machine for black seeds

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6yl-130 oil press machine

6YL-130 Oil Press Machine

The main components are made of high-quality steel, equipped with precision lathes and modern high-tech. The whole machine has good performance, little wear, few wearing parts, and easy maintenance. Service. Shipping. 6YL-130 oil press machine price is $3*** in Cote d'Ivoire, BTMA website offer 6YL-130 oil press factory photos, user manual ...

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zx-105, ys-105 oil press, peanut oil press, oil expeller, sunflower oil mill, screw press - china coconut oil press machine and palm coconut oil ...

Zx-105, Ys-105 Oil Press, Peanut Oil Press, Oil Expeller, Sunflower Oil Mill, Screw Press - China Coconut Oil Press Machine and Palm Coconut Oil ...

6YL-95/ZX-10 coconut oil expeller machine screw oil press machine Product Description This oil mill machine suitable for physical squeezing all kinds of vegetable oil material,such as soybean,cottonseed,peanut,rapeseed,sunflower,teaseed,copra,tung seeds and ...

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cold press seeds oil pressing machine sesame seeds oil press plant - china flaxseed oil press machine and automatic avocado oil extraction machine

Cold Press Seeds Oil Pressing Machine Sesame Seeds Oil Press Plant - China Flaxseed Oil Press Machine and Automatic Avocado Oil Extraction Machine

Model Capacity Power Electric machinery Packing size(mm) Gross and net weight (kg) 6YL-68 oil press machine 40-50Kg/h 5.5KW 380V/50HZ/Triple phase 880*440*770 160/140 6YL-80 oil press machine 80-150Kg/h 5.5KW 380V/50HZ/Triple phase 1510*440*700

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6yl-100 oil press machine-6yl-100 screw oil press better price in zambia

6YL-100 Oil Press Machine-6YL-100 Screw Oil Press Better Price in Zambia

Capacity: 150-250kg/h. This 6YL-100 oil press machine is suitable for small scale oil mill. 2. Power: 7.5kw. It can customized according to the customer needs. 3. Voltage: 380V. It support single phase and three phase. 4.

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automatic olive cold oil press machine all usage oil processing machine 6yl-125 groundnut rapeseed oil press screw machine - alibaba.com

Automatic olive cold oil press machine all Usage Oil Processing Machine 6yl-125 groundnut rapeseed oil press screw machine - Alibaba.com

The detail description of Soybean Oil Press Machine 1. It can save labour and save cost : only 1 or 2people can finish the production. 2. Widely used to press various kinds of oil materials, like soybean, sunflower seeds, peanut, sesame,rapeseeds, flax seed ...

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6yl-120 oil press machine price -- btma oil press machine tanzania

6YL-120 Oil Press Machine Price -- BTMA oil press machine Tanzania

6YL-120 oil press machine discount price$2***, capacity is 250-350kg/h, BTMA website offer the 6YL-120 oil press photos, ... This 6YL-68 oil press machine is suitable for small scale oil mill. 2. Power: 5.5kw. It can customized according to the customer needs ...

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automatic mustard oil making machine with 100kg/h - china oil press and small oil press

Automatic Mustard Oil Making Machine With 100kg/h - China Oil Press and Small Oil Press

Function: Both hot press and cold press can be available. Main data: Model: 6YL-80 oil press. Capacity: 100kg/hfor oil seeds. Power: 5.5kw (380V/50Hz/3p) Residue oil in cake: Less than 7%. Size: 1320X540X1020mm. Weight: 350kg. Other type 6YL-system oil press machine:

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6yl-68 mini oil extraction press machine

6YL-68 mini oil extraction press machine

6YL-68 mini commercial oil press small scale oil extraction machine 6YL-68 50kg/h mini olive/ palm/ cococonut oil mill for making Edible Oil Simple,convenient,energy saving,competitive price. Screw oil press is a popular type of oil press machine, mainly ...

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tung seeds, vernicia montana, jatropha, plam kernel oil extraction machine - china palm oil press and palm kernel oil press machine

Tung Seeds, Vernicia Montana, Jatropha, Plam Kernel Oil Extraction Machine - China Palm Oil Press and Palm Kernel Oil Press Machine

6YL Screw Oil Press Features Different from the automatic screw oil press machine, this screw oil press has its own features and markets. 1. Made of high quality steel, wear-resistant and easy to clean. 2. With the properly designed pressing chamber, the

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