High quality oil expeller

Oil expeller is a new research improvement product. Oil expeller can use to press rapeseed, peanuts, soybean/soya, sesame, sunflower seed and other plant oil materials, this kind of oil expeller adopts micro-electrical control, infrared heating, filter system, multi-stage press. The product oil is the clean oil after filtering, it can directly to use. The oil expeller is the most ideal equipment for individual processing.

The advantage of the oil expeller:
1.Saving labor and easy operation
2.Widely used : Oil expeller can be used to completely press more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as peanuts, groundnut, palm kernel, camellia seeds, hemp seeds, rapeseeds, soybeans, castor, benne seeds, palm seeds, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, tea seeds, etc.
3.Small land-using:Oil expeller covers an area of about 2 square meters workshop can meet the demands of processing.

Main parameters for the oil expeller:
Motor power´╝Ü1.5KW
Average capacity:30-40KG/H

Operation steps for the oil expeller:
1. Connect to the power and turn on the switch.
2. Regulate the temperature to right temperature
3. Start the screw temperature heater.
4. Start the motor forward-rotating when the temperature is ok.
5. First put a small amount of raw materials for pressing, to test whether the machine can be normal operating, and batch input materials after the diesel smoothly.
6. Close the temperature heater when materials pressing finished. let the oil expeller working empty for 2-5mins.
7. Stop the oil expeller and disconnect the power when all the materials are pressing out.

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