Strangers in Paradise Mardi Gras

January 16

Another pic from the Mardi Gras street parade in 1959 (see previous post). I love how a bit of research helps one to connect with an image. This shows the ‘Strangers In Paradise’ float, named after the popular song, ‘Stranger In Paradise’. This romantic song is from the Hollywood film ‘Kismet’ of 1955, and the earlier musical of 1953. See the song being performed in the film here. It was well-loved in the era and no less than 6 versions of it charted in the UK in 1955. If we could only see that float close up, I am sure it contained people dressed as characters from the film, which was set in old Baghdad and had an ‘Arabian Nights atmosphere’ according to Wikipedia. The song is still performed to this day by the likes of Andre Rieu and Sarah Brightman. There are many wonderful versions on YouTube here.

Lighter, brighter, sharper. Check out the Chevrolet advertising in the top right corner!

Before and after. Click for big.



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