Light-TableIn my creative art practice I enjoy working with something that already exists as a starting point and then transforming it. In the case of old slides and photographs this can mean bringing an image back to its original condition, bringing it alive as it never quite was, correcting and improving it, and can even lead to substantial and deep enhancements that turn it into something brand new. All the images on this site have been restored using Adobe Photoshop and Topaz Labs. Film quality, storage conditions and the passage of time all effect the condition of the original slide or photograph and none of the images you see here started out looking this good. I love to restore and enhance them, use them in art works, and feel as if I am working magic. You’ll see ‘before and after’ images on some posts. Restoration and retouching of old (and new) images is a professional service I offer through Studio Woo (go to the portfolio).

And if you’d like to discuss a restoration with me, please contact me at


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