Huge Helium-Filled Spaceman

January 22

This huge, helium-filled spaceman was photographed on the streets of New York on 26 November 1958. Macy’s Parade has been staged every Thanksgiving Day since 1924 by the famous department store. You can see large scale balloons of popular characters. In 2012 they had Hello Kitty but in the 1950s it was Popeye, Spaceman and Mighty Mouse who loomed over the crowds. The parade started at 9am in the morning which explains the very poor light in these pics.

Click the pic to see a large version.

Streets are narrow places leading to some signature problems in amateur photography, such as strong contrasts early or late in the day and odd perspectives. Here I had to show two pics together to tell a story. Restoration involved getting rid of dust and scratches, and reducing contrast. I lightened areas and deepened the color where it was needed. What started out dark and doubtful ended up working quite well.

Here are the two originals as they looked before:



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