Five retro cities in sepia

February 17

Wild monkeys and air balloons migrating across smokey, sepia colored cities … For a recent art project, I searched through my collection and found these 5 stunning examples of city views. London, New York, Florence, Stockholm and Paris were all shot by amateur travelers in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. The images were used for “Migration Series” – part of our recent exhibition with added illustrations by Pete Woo.

Final art works

Migration-series - New York 1958New York

Migration-series - London 1959London

Migration series - Florence 1958Florence

Migration-series - Stockholm 1964Stockholm

Migration-series - Paris 1964Paris

Limited edition prints were done on watercolor, textured paper using archival inks. An alternative print was also done on metal. The series is currently still available. Get in touch with Studio Woo if you’re interested in purchasing.

Read more about the exhibition ‘Black Sheep Clever Monkey

Before and afters of the cities:








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