Coney Island Amusement Park

December 18

Coney Island is a beach peninsula in Southern Brooklyn, NYC. Its famous for its amusement parks which were at their height from 1880 to WWII. This image from 1958, one of my older slides, is from an era when the amusements parks had supposedly fallen into neglect. They’re still up and running now, though, so I guess a good tradition never dies. Wonderland Park shown here would have been a themed area, part of the larger complex, but its not mentioned in the Wikipedia article, so was possibly too small, short-lived or disappointing!

The ride in the foreground – called WHIP – was invented by a Coney Island company in 1914. It involved little cars (aren’t they cute!) and a mechanism that caused them to speed up and then literally whip around a corner, throwing the rider to one side. Apparently it was rather ‘tame’ as rides go.

The original was underexposed and murky, giving it a rather creepy look (as only amusement parks can have). With a bit of brightening, color correction and research, the image suddenly developed more visual interest.

Before and after. Click for big.


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