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Floating on a Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah, back in the day. Not one strand of this lady’s hair is touching the water. Coloring of the woman’s skin and accessories was important as only these few hints convey the style of the era. I also needed to get the water to look less like metal! Before and after. Click Read More

Lady on a Bridge

I wish I was more clued up on mythology, archetypes and cultural iconography. The image of a solitary woman in a garden, in some sort of contemplative state, turns up in my collection on occasion. A genre of sorts. This is a classic example, and I was tempted to camp it up a little. I Read More

Lady in Red

A curious image. In what era would you expect to see a lady in a red jumpsuit with white shoes and a purple bag walking down a country path? And where was the photographer – up on a hill with a zoom lens? Although I loved the verdant green field dotted with flowers, I felt Read More

Woman Reading A Book

I’ve loved this image for a long time. The simplicity of the fifties decor, the serenity of the moment. The reminder to take a little quiet time, alone, and just read a book. This benefited from a black and white conversion. The original colors were ruined and it was hard to recover anything good given Read More

Woman and Straw Bale

Its so easy to romanticize a subject like this. I do admire her but I guess her reality may have been a different story than that of the rural idyll suggested here. As always the handmade appeals to me and I like the way the straw bale is hand rolled and tied with plaited grass Read More

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