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Best of March

Hi there, here are the top Instagram picks of March 2018. This was the first month in which I really got posting on a daily basis and this selection reflects the images that people responded to most enthusiastically. The response was not always what I had expected so I’ve learned a lot about what appeals Read More


Game Reserve Style

I don’t normally keep nature and wildlife photos because the subject is timeless. An elephant in 1958 looks much like an elephant in 2017. Thank goodness we are still able to say that.¬†Amateur photographers with their Lo Fi cameras cannot do justice to the subject except by attesting to the amazing experience of being in Read More

Inquisitive Bear Yellowstone Park

This scene is so familiar to us in Southern Africa with our famous game parks in the North, so all the more quaint and interesting to see a similar scene from 1962, in a far away place, with an exotic animal. Its amusing too, but I hope that bear wasn’t all spoiled by people feeding Read More