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Best of April

Some stunning images emerged during April. I unpacked several boxes of unseen slides, and also returned to collections I had liked and put aside years ago. The mix of favorites in this post reflects both the beauty of the images and a level of curiosity about South Africa shown on Instagram. The order below reflects Read More


Best of March

Hi there, here are the top Instagram picks of March 2018. This was the first month in which I really got posting on a daily basis and this selection reflects the images that people responded to most enthusiastically. The response was not always what I had expected so I’ve learned a lot about what appeals Read More

Beach on the coast of Spain

Beach on the coast of Spain

I tackled this slide because of its physical qualities but fell in love with the scene along the way. The slide is in shocking condition, faded to pink and flimsily framed, but interesting because it is a large size – 4mm square. I know this beach is in Spain because of others – labelled – Read More

Motel Swimming Pool

I remember when hotel swimming pools were so big that to swim was to explore. It was the 1970’s and maybe it only seemed that way because I was a child. But no. They had alcoves, they had fountains, walkovers, and planters. Hooped handholds and chlorine soaked poolside cement with *no childproof fences*. I’m starting Read More

Hoggs Back Inn

Hoggs Back Inn is a famous hotel in the dreamy, rural haven known as Hoggs Back, Eastern Cape. Its been there for about 100 years and has changed only subtly. This swimming pool and garden are still there, and they still have those yellow garden chairs. That is the charm of it. However, this is Read More

Dead Sea Swimmers

These swimmers are at the Dead Sea, Israel 1964. A long-time favorite – its such a great composition, I love the way the young girl in her white cap stands out, the pipes, the lolling swimmers on the lake shore. I wonder what it cost to pipe fresh water to this spot? Read about the Read More

Floating on a Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah, back in the day. Not one strand of this lady’s hair is touching the water. Coloring of the woman’s skin and accessories was important as only these few hints convey the style of the era. I also needed to get the water to look less like metal! Before and after. Click Read More