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Paseo de la Reforma – Mexico City

Shoe shine man – Mexico City, 1971. Thanks to a note on the frame we know that this is on Paseo de la Reforma – a grand boulevard designed in the 1800’s to mimic the boulevards of Europe. It runs diagonally through the city and has several statues to mythical and political figures. The one in the background here is Fuente de La Diana Cazadora – in Roman mythology, Diana is the goddess of the hunt.


Now I like doing a bit of research, and managed to locate this exact spot in Google Earth. The shoe shine man is gone. The trees have been replaced by younger ones and the paving is different. The park in the background gave itself up to concrete and glass. Only two things are unchanged: The statue and that drainage vent in front. That’s how I know I found the spot!

See how it looks today:

Place-de-la-Reforma-Mexico-City-Today2   Place-de-la-Reforma-Mexico-City-Today4


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Two-headed griffin stands the test of time

This two-headed griffin was probably photographed in the ruins of the ancient Persian city of Persepolis, in modern day Iran. Persepolis dates back to 500BC and was a large complex of buildings. At that time, griffins had been around in human culture for about 1000 years. With the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, they are a mix of the two most powerful beasts in nature – one that ruled the air and the other the land. The Griffin was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of worldly and divine possessions. Read here about griffins and here about the ancient city of Persepolis.


After the usual restoration tricks, which in this case included the removal of a shadow, I decided to introduce a strong motion blur to the background and the boy. This tells the story of how fast time has moved and relatively, how fleeting human culture is. The griffin still looks fabulous today while all around it the world has changed.

Before and afterTwo-headed-bird-cropped

Click for big.


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Greek Men of Stone

Photographed in 1964, these statues of Greek heroes stood in the museum at Delphi, in Greece, and probably still do. Their noses and penises have unfortunately been removed by vandals at some time in the past. I love the way the two women stand in their shadow, such lesser beings, despite being alive.

 This cleaned up beautifully after I removed the yellow indoor light and cleaned up some purplish mold. I love the sharpened texture of the stone in contrast to the smooth background and the two women.


Before and after. Click for big.


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Cafe Rockefeller Center

Cafe on the Lower Plaza at the Rockefeller Center in NYC. It looks like a great place to rest up after a day of sightseeing. In the background is the golden statue of Prometheus (incidentally it was hated by the artist who made it). In winter this area is an ice skating rink. The late afternoon light in this pic – all golden yellow and inky dark blue – must have inspired the choice of umbrellas. They switched to stripey brights in the early sixties and I think that was a mistake.

Before and after. Click for big.


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