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Argentinean Road Trips

Remember Grasshopper men’s shoes? They were popular in the 1970s and, true to the era, a Grasshopper shoe box arrived the other day filled with a very unusual collection of slides from the 1970s. These were left in South Africa by an Argentinean traveler, never to be retrieved. Among them are several fabulous snapshots of a group of friends on road trips in Argentina and Chile.

629---Argentina-road-trip-1 after

630---Argentina-Road-trip-2-after 631---by-the-seaside-after 633---guy-in-nature-after 677---Man-trip-after


665---River-crossing-roadtrip-after 663---Ladies-in-primary-colours-after 634---pipesmoke-scenery-after 657---Precaucion-after


681---Guy-on-the-road-after 676---Underpants-after 675---Shirtless-wonder-after 667---Group-with-cars-after


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