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Rondavel Veranda Breakfast

I remember staying in Rondavels on family holidays – they were a popular form of accommodation at family style resorts. The round interiors, thatch roofs, and polished cement floors combine in my memory so deliciously. This outdoor family breakfast is a perfect way to start the day.

Thank you to Kodachrome, this early sixties slide was in excellent condition. Tone and color were improved and I removed the photographer’s shadow.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Road Trip with Two Identical Combies

Love the plainness of this image. A wide open space, dirt road and two identical combies. They almost blend in to the landscape in that sunburned yellow colour, the same exactly as the grass in the foreground.


So much natural grunge, and such ruined color. I improved the color and created a focus around the two combis which were quite lost in the vast, open scene.

Originals. Click for big.


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Picnic At The Races

A casual approach to catering for the privileged crowd at the races back in the day. Its rather more like a family picnic than the commercial affair you’d expect to find today. A sense of occasion is nonetheless preserved. Our heroine is of course the lady in the flowery pink hat. Her pose speaks volumes.

I mainly needed to deal with the strong contrast and the fact that the main subject was in shadow. Some subtle lightening in the foreground helped to punch her out (as the saying goes hehe).

Before and after. Click for big.



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Military Ceremony?

I’m not really sure what’s going on in this scene but I hope to find out some day. This is one of those pure gems that turns up in an obscure bag of old slides. Rich with detail and redolent of times gone by.

Purple and magenta tones drive me crazy … about 12 layers later I managed to tame them somewhat.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Joburg Streets by Night

This takes me back to exciting South African radio programs like Squad Cars. In Joburg by night, the 1970’s ‘Skelms’ were up to no good. Speeding down the boulevard, in their black getaway cars with the chrome reflecting the patriotic Christmas lights  above.

This was a particularly forgiving specimen. The night scene shaped up beautifully.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Spotty Dog Roadhouse

No vintage collection is complete without Spotty Dog, the roadhouse. He once stood on Main Road Retreat, in Cape Town and this image, from October 1957, was taken almost half way through his iconic life. Built in 1938, it was only when a truck messed up his face in 1977 that he had to be demolished. A smaller replica still exists outside the present day PennyPinchers, in the same location.

Spotty was of course a great subject for a photography student and the home-made glass mount of this slide meticulously records details of the lens and settings used. There’s a fair amount of noise, but I left that in place. Those power lines had to go though.

Before and after – click for big.

Spotty appears all over the Internet as he was photographed millions of times. Here’s a recent and interesting blog post about him from an architectural point of view.


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A City Square Somewhere

A classic, well laid out city square, located I suspect, somewhere in South Africa. An interesting detail is the flower wreaths below the monument. Had an important date recently passed?


After some improvements to the original image, I recolored and smoothed it.




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