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London Visit

I’ve previously written about the collection of abandoned Argentinean snapshots I received from a friend. They belonged to a guy who left them in South Africa many years ago. His snaps show good times for a group of guys in Argentina, their home country. So it was interesting to find some shots included in the box of their travels in Europe. Interesting because of the way they remade themselves for their travels, wearing dapper clothing in a style they may have felt was appropriate for Europe. We’re talking brogues for London, boots for Venice, and a well-groomed style not seen in their home pics. I love this transformation and the soft, self-conscious style of the photos. They do look the part of the debonair tourist, don’t they?

In London …



655---Old-Plaza-after  656---London-guy-after

… and in Venice.




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Cable Car Table Mountain

The Table Mountain cable car pictured in the early 1960s with a lone man inside. These cars could transport about 12 people comfortably. I can just remember them, the open air and greasy smell of the cables. Nowadays the cable car company transports about 800 people per day up and down our famous and wonderful mountain.


Visit the cable car website


Painted Frog Rock

People love finding rock formations that, from a particular angle, look like something else, especially an animal or human. The Internet has many examples of rock formations that look like a fox, rabbit, elephant, dog, penguin, bear, porcupine, fish, horse, camel, dinosaur, rhino, or human face. There are of course many examples of human breasts and buttocks as well as human genitals in rocks. Here is a rock formation that looks somewhat like a frog located in the Western Cape alongside the road between Betty’s Bay and Rooi Els.


The last time someone updated the paint job on this rock was in the early 1990s I’m told. It used to be cool to paint on rock formations if they were small enough, however these days one doesn’t see it often. It’s not cool anymore to paint on a natural feature. Instead people do it virtually in Photoshop; some of the examples I’ve seen in Google look like they might just start walking!


Romantic silhouette

Couple at Rhodes Museum, Greece, 1964.


Before and after

A case of recoloring, balancing light and shadow, and shadow detail recovery.




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View Alcatraz

Fishermans Wharf S.F. August 1962. This pic was taken 2 months after one of the most daring prison escapes in history. 7 months later, in March 1963 Alcatraz closed forever. Read more.



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Romantic Italian Lake

From a collection of late 1950’s slides comes this gorgeous, romantic scene. Its formal, yet relaxed, and oh so beautiful. I love the group in the foreground – their smart-casual outfits and relaxed posture. The ornate chairs, glistening water, boating parties, large trees and monument are a fantasy of ‘genteel travel’ that still exists now.


This slide was in good condition having come from a well-cared-for collection; it had been in a glass frame for 50 years. It was a joy to correct the colour, bringing the greens out while maintaining warmth. I added contrast and definition, and made a better cropping.


Before and after. Click for big.


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Delphi Talking Tour

A tour party in Delphi, Greece, 1964. I like how the people are dressed. They’re mainly paying good attention to their guide, with only a few loungers on the side. This looks like the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. The site was trashed by ‘zealous Christians’ in 390 AD in an attempt to destroy ‘Paganism’. However there is still lots to see there and these ruined columns have stood for a century and half.

Important to straighten those columns. Then color corrections and a few more fixes – and I’m right there myself.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Roadside Market

Its 1965 and this elegant woman, comfortably dressed for sightseeing, is perusing the wares at a simple roadside market, where everything is laid on the ground.


An interesting example to restore as the original had a flat, deep blue filter. I liked the blue as it added interest to the image, but I wanted it to be more dynamic. First I removed the blue color and cleaned up the original then I added back a new, more dynamic blue filter. I also smoothed the grungy original texture.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Cafe Rockefeller Center

Cafe on the Lower Plaza at the Rockefeller Center in NYC. It looks like a great place to rest up after a day of sightseeing. In the background is the golden statue of Prometheus (incidentally it was hated by the artist who made it). In winter this area is an ice skating rink. The late afternoon light in this pic – all golden yellow and inky dark blue – must have inspired the choice of umbrellas. They switched to stripey brights in the early sixties and I think that was a mistake.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Kiosk at the Acropolis

Its August 1964 and this kiosk is catering to tourists below the Acropolis in Athens. Yes, we know they sell Kodak Film, but zoom in and you’ll see they also sell Cafe Espresso and Sandwiches. I’ll get me some of that! My favorite person in the pic is the kid on the right, what a dapper little tourist!

Before and after. Click for big.



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