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Petting the Horses

Who has not stopped on a dirt road to climb a fence and pet the horses? Such a lovely found snapshot with two teenage girls gently connecting with a horse and foal in the mid 1960s.


This was a genuine moment on a family holiday, but surely the photographer had seen images of beautiful young women and girls with horses, its a genre in popular art and has been for more than a century. This reminds me how, consciously or unconsciously, we mimic images in popular media, art and advertising when we pick up a camera. This is a well documented phenomenon in vernacular photography. I don’t mean to destroy the charm of the image with this comment, it is a wonderful photograph in every way!


Argentinean Road Trips

Remember Grasshopper men’s shoes? They were popular in the 1970s and, true to the era, a Grasshopper shoe box arrived the other day filled with a very unusual collection of slides from the 1970s. These were left in South Africa by an Argentinean traveler, never to be retrieved. Among them are several fabulous snapshots of a group of friends on road trips in Argentina and Chile.

629---Argentina-road-trip-1 after

630---Argentina-Road-trip-2-after 631---by-the-seaside-after 633---guy-in-nature-after 677---Man-trip-after


665---River-crossing-roadtrip-after 663---Ladies-in-primary-colours-after 634---pipesmoke-scenery-after 657---Precaucion-after


681---Guy-on-the-road-after 676---Underpants-after 675---Shirtless-wonder-after 667---Group-with-cars-after


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Extreme landscape

This dramatic landscape with its homes carved into the hills was photographed on a bus trip through Iran in the early 1970s. A road trip that should be done on horseback I reckon!


I cleaned and simplified the image, then applied contrast, color and lighting to bring out the drama.



And another version



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Chrome reflections

I do know where this was taken, and when – Congo 1963 – but prefer to make up my own story. In this scene – according to my imagination – a person is hunching down next to their 1950’s coupe and further down the bridge a group of zombies is gathering. Yes! Its a stand-off! But not the war of Congo Independence, its the war of humans against Zombies. Aghhrrrrr!


Taking this surreal image in a grungy, desaturated direction turned out to be the right thing. With added atmosphere, a new sense of intrigue emerged. Hence Zombies!

Before and after


Click for big.


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Roadside Cafe

This rundown, rough and ready roadside cafe was snapped from a passing tourist bus. I believe it is the Middle East somewhere, perhaps Iran. It is a classic scene with those rickety tables and chairs. I wonder what is in the glass cabinet.


A bit of a challenge this one as it was blurred, tilted and had window reflections from the bus. However there was enough pixel data to recover and enhance the scene. I corrected the deep shadow in the veranda, grabbed back all the colour and added a deeply saturated vignette.

Before and after.


Click for big.


Rondavel Veranda Breakfast

I remember staying in Rondavels on family holidays – they were a popular form of accommodation at family style resorts. The round interiors, thatch roofs, and polished cement floors combine in my memory so deliciously. This outdoor family breakfast is a perfect way to start the day.

Thank you to Kodachrome, this early sixties slide was in excellent condition. Tone and color were improved and I removed the photographer’s shadow.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Road Trip with Two Identical Combies

Love the plainness of this image. A wide open space, dirt road and two identical combies. They almost blend in to the landscape in that sunburned yellow colour, the same exactly as the grass in the foreground.


So much natural grunge, and such ruined color. I improved the color and created a focus around the two combis which were quite lost in the vast, open scene.

Originals. Click for big.


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Road Trip

A road trip in 1962. I’m fascinated by the simplicity of the times suggested by such a small amount of luggage, the plain and simple suitcases, and the happy, relaxed feel of it all.

A little color and tone correction, smoothing of the sky, adding a vignette and she’s good to go!

Before and after. Click for big.




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