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Big Man Little Fish

So endearing, this man. Despite being all hunky and handsome, I see the boy child within. He looks perplexed though, at having caught such a tiny fish.


And look, the picnic on the bank. Those cooler boxes are Colemans, recognisable by the white diamond-shaped logo. Thanks to his lady friend (imagined) who recorded this moment so lovingly.




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Boys at the River

An African childhood, lived outdoors in nature, with friends. This is an inspiring image and an experience I am sure little boys all over the world long for. I love the little huddle, and the way they’re completely involved in their conversation –  unaware of the adult taking the photograph.




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Moody Mississippi River

The moody Mississippi River photographed in Memphis, Tennessee 1959. Old car, set against gritty railway tracks, grey sky and murky water, its a not a pretty scene, but all the richer in atmosphere as a result.

Tone and texture is everything in this image. I smoothed the sky and roughed up the tracks. The car is in its original color.

Before and after. Click for big.


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