Category: Portraits

Vintage Photo in a Vintage Photo

I wish I knew more about vintage clothing to be able to guess the age of the old portrait in this 1960s snapshot. Of course the irony is that the snapshot itself is now vintage. From a note on the frame, we know that the man is someone’s ‘Grand pa’ while the knees belong to Read More

Snappy Dresser African Style

Africa has style! This image is from a wildlife tour in Kenya, 1970s. The bus had stopped in a village for refreshments and this stylishly dressed woman caught the eye of a tourist. I love the classic, African combination of colors and the jaunty yet sophisticated details of her outfit. I cropped and straightened the Read More

Fluffy Best Friend

What a gorgeous dog. I take my hat off to this photographer who was clearly not an amateur. My guess is that it was taken in the early 1970’s. How this amazing image ended up in a dirty plastic bag on the bottom shelf of a junk shop is a mystery. Even the best image Read More

Smiling Child

From a small collection of family holiday slides, comes this lovely smiling child. Its late fifties or early sixties and he can be seen snoozing with a comic book, playing games with his brothers, fishing in a dam and doing all the best things that childhood in Southern Africa somewhere has to offer. The original, Read More