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Petting the Horses

Who has not stopped on a dirt road to climb a fence and pet the horses? Such a lovely found snapshot with two teenage girls gently connecting with a horse and foal in the mid 1960s.


This was a genuine moment on a family holiday, but surely the photographer had seen images of beautiful young women and girls with horses, its a genre in popular art and has been for more than a century. This reminds me how, consciously or unconsciously, we mimic images in popular media, art and advertising when we pick up a camera. This is a well documented phenomenon in vernacular photography. I don’t mean to destroy the charm of the image with this comment, it is a wonderful photograph in every way!


Doggie welcome

Everyone who knows dogs loves the welcome one gets when arriving home, how much better than in this awe inspiring, African mountain and farm setting. Love that fresh 1960s outfit, complete with impractical white shoes.


I applied a clean, painted effect and reworked the color.

Before and after




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Siamese On My Shoulder

Stunning photo of a gorgeous animal. Its possibly less appealing than a toddler holding a kitten, nonetheless this image of an older man holding his beloved, prize cat is very compelling. I like the composition in which his face is hidden.

This didn’t need much work, mainly color correction and a subtle blur here and there.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Fluffy Best Friend

What a gorgeous dog. I take my hat off to this photographer who was clearly not an amateur. My guess is that it was taken in the early 1970’s. How this amazing image ended up in a dirty plastic bag on the bottom shelf of a junk shop is a mystery.

Even the best image needs a little tone correction and sharpening after time has taken its toll.

Before and after – click for big.



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