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Princess Bride 1960s

Princess Bride 1960s

Mid 1960s bridal charm and simplicity. The perky little golden crown, looking like a Disney prop is what I fell in love with when I saw this old slide. I also love the second image which has been so carefully composed to include the bride and her man in the picture frame on the dresser Read More

Youths on the street

Youths on the street

A gem of a slide showing youths on the street in the 1960s. What most people notice about this image are their shoes. Before and after Its so damn good in black and white! Read More

Asleep on a train

Asleep on a train

I love the irony of this wonderful 1960s snapshot. When in the moment we seldom think of the journey a photo can take in the world. Both photographer and sleeper had no idea that the Internet would one day exist and that this image would be shared – and enjoyed – in digital form by Read More

The alpha

The alpha

I’m getting a little braver about sharing pictures of people. And who wouldn’t with such wonderful material? Like this 1970’s snapshot at a work occasion, of a classic alpha male. Even the poses of those around him seem to affirm his status. I’m sure that silver hair flowed all the way down his back! Before Read More

Romantic silhouette

Romantic silhouette

Couple at Rhodes Museum, Greece, 1964. Before and after A case of recoloring, balancing light and shadow, and shadow detail recovery.   Read More

The dinner party

A long time favorite, this image. Our focus is on the young woman staring back at the camera – obviously annoyed, even angry. Its gratifying to see a genuine, unfiltered, un-hidden, un-bidden emotion on display. With so much posing and smiling for the camera, as we are taught to do, this is refreshing. Its also Read More

Unknown man

So many wonderful, unusual photographs have come from this one, small family collection. I’m sure they didn’t intend to be special, but they are. You’ll see them throughout the collection, and here is the Dad, recovered from a very ruined original. Read More

My car your car 1950s

This charming family photograph shows each person with their vehicle of choice, be it the latest Ford, 3-wheeled tricycle or go-cart. Read More

Belgian State Visit

One of the most rewarding aspects of collecting is doing research on the images. I really enjoy probing the Internet to see what I can find out from the threads of information contained in the image. As a result, my general knowledge of things odd and unusual from all over the world is growing! aa Read More

Snappy Dresser African Style

Africa has style! This image is from a wildlife tour in Kenya, 1970s. The bus had stopped in a village for refreshments and this stylishly dressed woman caught the eye of a tourist. I love the classic, African combination of colors and the jaunty yet sophisticated details of her outfit. I cropped and straightened the Read More

Car Breakdown

Belgium or Holland, 1970’s. With a little speculation I can figure out what is happening in this scene. The 3 old people were driving past Der Vliegend Tapijt (The Flying Carpet) restaurant when their blue car broke down. Now it’s up on a jack and someone is fixing it but, oh dear, its going to Read More

Teacher Protest

My guess is that this is in Belgium or Holland in the 1970s. A rather polite looking teacher’s protest, whether school or university teachers I’m not sure. I haven’t had it translated yet and hope someone will see this and help me out! A nicely composed shot, quickly snapped. The old slide was quite clean Read More

Tea Party in Red, White and Blue

A companionable garden tea party back in the day. Mugs of tea, cigarettes and a good book. The red white and blue painted garden furniture is a great color combination. Not sure about those wooden ‘skis’ the legs are attached to though, I much prefer the way it looks without. This slide was in good Read More

Queen Zulu and Her Court

Mardi Gras, New Orleans 1959. This caught the eye of a South African traveler back in the day. Queen Zulu?! Its impossible to explain this image in only a few lines so have a look and then read below for the explanation. Explanation: Understanding this image opens up a complex and layered view of a Read More

A Very Long Queue

I’ve always liked this image, taken through a spiral walkway of 3 lines of people, all part of a very long queue, somewhere in 1964. What are they queuing for? It must have been something appealing to young and old, men and women, and Nuns. They all look so well behaved, and relaxed. Love the Read More

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