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Inquisitive Bear Yellowstone Park

This scene is so familiar to us in Southern Africa with our famous game parks in the North, so all the more quaint and interesting to see a similar scene from 1962, in a far away place, with an exotic animal. Its amusing too, but I hope that bear wasn’t all spoiled by people feeding Read More

4th Avenue NYC

There’s a dramatic but relaxed look to this late fifties street scene. As soon as they perfect time travel I’m going there to get me that little red and yellow car. This slide from 1958 was in near perfect condition. Before and after. Click for big. Read More

Kiosk at the Acropolis

Its August 1964 and this kiosk is catering to tourists below the Acropolis in Athens. Yes, we know they sell Kodak Film, but zoom in and you’ll see they also sell Cafe Espresso and Sandwiches. I’ll get me some of that! My favorite person in the pic is the kid on the right, what a Read More

Modern Establishment

Modern establishment – 1961. I’m guessing its a restaurant in a park and wish I could see more of this super mod building and its interior. The ruined original suggested a black and white solution and I first went in that direction, but ended up recovering and reworking the washed-out, bubble-gum colors. A cartoon effect Read More

Road Trip with Two Identical Combies

Love the plainness of this image. A wide open space, dirt road and two identical combies. They almost blend in to the landscape in that sunburned yellow colour, the same exactly as the grass in the foreground. So much natural grunge, and such ruined color. I improved the color and created a focus around the Read More

Moody Mississippi River

The moody Mississippi River photographed in Memphis, Tennessee 1959. Old car, set against gritty railway tracks, grey sky and murky water, its a not a pretty scene, but all the richer in atmosphere as a result. Tone and texture is everything in this image. I smoothed the sky and roughed up the tracks. The car Read More

Fifties Trucks

Commercial vehicles on First Avenue NYC 1959. Those fifties trucks and delivery vans were so dinky. Cannys Transport doesn’t exist in the USA anymore. They do in Australia, so I wonder if Mr Canny moved to Victoria? Many times with old slides the sky has blown out to a pale color and all the dirt Read More

Joburg Streets by Night

This takes me back to exciting South African radio programs like Squad Cars. In Joburg by night, the 1970’s ‘Skelms’ were up to no good. Speeding down the boulevard, in their black getaway cars with the chrome reflecting the patriotic Christmas lights  above. This was a particularly forgiving specimen. The night scene shaped up beautifully. Read More

Mexico City

This is Mexico City 1971. My favourite feature is the bashed up red car. It reminds me of something I once saw in a junk shop in Kalk Bay. A collection of bent, burnt and totally messed up model cars was for sale at a fairly high price. Whatever makes people value messed up stuff Read More

Village Life

Village street, somewhere in England 1966. I am struck by the woman in the front, the way she’s hopping on that bike in one practiced movement, wearing neat white, heeled pumps. This was quite a bit of work, but well worth it. The main job was to lighten the big shadow in the foreground, clean Read More

Road Trip

A road trip in 1962. I’m fascinated by the simplicity of the times suggested by such a small amount of luggage, the plain and simple suitcases, and the happy, relaxed feel of it all. A little color and tone correction, smoothing of the sky, adding a vignette and she’s good to go! Before and after. Read More

Main Street Colorado

Main Street, Central City, Colorado 1962. In rare cases detailed information such as this is written on the frame. The old cardboard mounts used by Kodak helped to facilitate this better than plastic. Imagining that this place had radically changed I Googled it but to my surprise, other than the cars on the street, it Read More


Classic late fifties culture set against the timeless, unchanging scene of a dramatic stone stairway and columned facade. This makes the cars and bus look even more exciting when viewed from present times. An interesting detail to note is that all the men are wearing mint green tops with cream trousers. I guess it was Read More

A City Square Somewhere

A classic, well laid out city square, located I suspect, somewhere in South Africa. An interesting detail is the flower wreaths below the monument. Had an important date recently passed? After some improvements to the original image, I recolored and smoothed it. Original:   Read More

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