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Vintage Photo in a Vintage Photo

I wish I knew more about vintage clothing to be able to guess the age of the old portrait in this 1960s snapshot. Of course the irony is that the snapshot itself is now vintage. From a note on the frame, we know that the man is someone’s ‘Grand pa’ while the knees belong to a man named ‘Nic’.



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Argentinean Road Trips

Remember Grasshopper men’s shoes? They were popular in the 1970s and, true to the era, a Grasshopper shoe box arrived the other day filled with a very unusual collection of slides from the 1970s. These were left in South Africa by an Argentinean traveler, never to be retrieved. Among them are several fabulous snapshots of a group of friends on road trips in Argentina and Chile.

629---Argentina-road-trip-1 after

630---Argentina-Road-trip-2-after 631---by-the-seaside-after 633---guy-in-nature-after 677---Man-trip-after


665---River-crossing-roadtrip-after 663---Ladies-in-primary-colours-after 634---pipesmoke-scenery-after 657---Precaucion-after


681---Guy-on-the-road-after 676---Underpants-after 675---Shirtless-wonder-after 667---Group-with-cars-after


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My car your car 1950s

This charming family photograph shows each person with their vehicle of choice, be it the latest Ford, 3-wheeled tricycle or go-cart.



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Chrome reflections

I do know where this was taken, and when – Congo 1963 – but prefer to make up my own story. In this scene – according to my imagination – a person is hunching down next to their 1950’s coupe and further down the bridge a group of zombies is gathering. Yes! Its a stand-off! But not the war of Congo Independence, its the war of humans against Zombies. Aghhrrrrr!


Taking this surreal image in a grungy, desaturated direction turned out to be the right thing. With added atmosphere, a new sense of intrigue emerged. Hence Zombies!

Before and after


Click for big.


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Car Breakdown

Belgium or Holland, 1970’s. With a little speculation I can figure out what is happening in this scene. The 3 old people were driving past Der Vliegend Tapijt (The Flying Carpet) restaurant when their blue car broke down. Now it’s up on a jack and someone is fixing it but, oh dear, its going to be a long afternoon. A woman passing by has stopped for a little chat. I like the seventies styling of the restaurant window and the juxtaposition of the old-timers against this backdrop.

A large crop was needed to bring the subjects of interest into focus. Rich color, texture and sharpening did the rest of the job.

Before and after. Click for big.



London Airport Car Park

Car Park No. 1 at London Airport (now called Heathrow) in May 1959. British bubble cars are pretty cool. I also have a thing for bland urban spaces, between here and nowhere, cement and serene. What a lovely example this one is, and I literally pulled it out of a plastic shopping bag at random.

Before and after recoloring and tone corrections. Click for big.




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Car Identity Challenge

Can you identify these old cars? My father is somewhat of a car expert on the 1940’s through 1960’s and he has a good memory. As a young man he kept scrapbooks of all the latest car models. According to him, the blue car is a Ford Consol about 1950’s, and the black car is a Austin or Morris 1940’s vintage. The photographer probably took this pic of their brand new blue car alongside their old black one. Now both cars are vintage!

A closer cropping, lightening, brightening and re-coloring.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Danbury Fair Bus Terminal

Late 1950’s this pic is of the bus terminal at the Danbury Fair in Connecticut. The Fair ran from 1822 when it started out as an agricultural gathering until 1981 when it closed. It was huge with 100 to 200 thousand people attending each year. Transport facilities must have been quite a logistical challenge.

The image was very blurred, skew and with very dark corners, but I love the old cars, profile of the signs, flapping flags, and allure of the far-off tents. The light – glinting off the chrome and the muddy rain puddles – convinced this was worth the effort.

Before and after. Click for big.


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New York Building Site

Via a hand-written note on the frame we know this is a construction site at Bellevue Hospital, New York. The crane in the background belonged to Cleveland Bridge, the well-known construction company. I love the spots of colour, and the construction workers cut off at the bottom, and of course the wonderful caravan kiosk. If you look closely you can see a very bored little man sitting inside.

Color, color, color, and a sky reconstruction. I enjoyed bringing this gritty scene to life.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Freeways of Los Angeles

This image, shot in 1962, is a firm favorite. I plan to print it in the largest possible size. Its proof that the subject can be conveyed just as well, and sometimes better when out of focus, and that composition doesn’t require sharpness.

Although I liked the washed blue of the original, I do find that the motel on the left stands out better in more realistic colors, with deeper tones.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Inquisitive Bear Yellowstone Park

This scene is so familiar to us in Southern Africa with our famous game parks in the North, so all the more quaint and interesting to see a similar scene from 1962, in a far away place, with an exotic animal. Its amusing too, but I hope that bear wasn’t all spoiled by people feeding him honey and stuff.

Before and after. Click for big.



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4th Avenue NYC

There’s a dramatic but relaxed look to this late fifties street scene. As soon as they perfect time travel I’m going there to get me that little red and yellow car.

This slide from 1958 was in near perfect condition.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Kiosk at the Acropolis

Its August 1964 and this kiosk is catering to tourists below the Acropolis in Athens. Yes, we know they sell Kodak Film, but zoom in and you’ll see they also sell Cafe Espresso and Sandwiches. I’ll get me some of that! My favorite person in the pic is the kid on the right, what a dapper little tourist!

Before and after. Click for big.



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Modern Establishment

Modern establishment – 1961. I’m guessing its a restaurant in a park and wish I could see more of this super mod building and its interior.


The ruined original suggested a black and white solution and I first went in that direction, but ended up recovering and reworking the washed-out, bubble-gum colors. A cartoon effect was given to emphasize the clean lines of the cars and building.

Before and after. Click for big.


Road Trip with Two Identical Combies

Love the plainness of this image. A wide open space, dirt road and two identical combies. They almost blend in to the landscape in that sunburned yellow colour, the same exactly as the grass in the foreground.


So much natural grunge, and such ruined color. I improved the color and created a focus around the two combis which were quite lost in the vast, open scene.

Originals. Click for big.


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