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Bearded Man in Ruins

Did the ancients have any idea of the great expanses of time that their works would stand? This formally attired 1970’s man muses on the passage of time as he is held within stone walls that have stood for eons. Forty-something years later those walls are likely to be unchanged (unless they happen to be in a war zone), the man gone, and today’s travelers now muse via Instagram and Facebook. Social media was of course unknown to this seventies guy, just as it was unknown to the ancients who built the walls.


Before and after



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Baalbek temple theatre

From a 1964 trip that took in the entire middle east region, comes this image from a visit to Baalbek, in Lebanon. Seen here is the temporary stage set up for the annual Baalbek Festival, with part of the ancient Roman Temple of Jupiter as a backdrop. I like the colors of the seats, yellow was top price.


This ancient location is a world heritage site, with a settlement history going back 9000 years. The temple is one of the biggest and best preserved of the ancient Roman world. Read more.

Of course silly stories about alien landing pads have been touted, but this video about the layout, and building practices of the Romans, will set you straight:  video.

The Baalbek International music and cultural festival started in 1956 and was 9 years old when this pic was taken. It has had to stop now and then due to conflict in the region, but did take place this year. Festival site.

Before and after



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Romantic silhouette

Couple at Rhodes Museum, Greece, 1964.


Before and after

A case of recoloring, balancing light and shadow, and shadow detail recovery.




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Delphi Talking Tour

A tour party in Delphi, Greece, 1964. I like how the people are dressed. They’re mainly paying good attention to their guide, with only a few loungers on the side. This looks like the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. The site was trashed by ‘zealous Christians’ in 390 AD in an attempt to destroy ‘Paganism’. However there is still lots to see there and these ruined columns have stood for a century and half.

Important to straighten those columns. Then color corrections and a few more fixes – and I’m right there myself.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Greek Men of Stone

Photographed in 1964, these statues of Greek heroes stood in the museum at Delphi, in Greece, and probably still do. Their noses and penises have unfortunately been removed by vandals at some time in the past. I love the way the two women stand in their shadow, such lesser beings, despite being alive.

 This cleaned up beautifully after I removed the yellow indoor light and cleaned up some purplish mold. I love the sharpened texture of the stone in contrast to the smooth background and the two women.


Before and after. Click for big.


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