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Cable Car Table Mountain

The Table Mountain cable car pictured in the early 1960s with a lone man inside. These cars could transport about 12 people comfortably. I can just remember them, the open air and greasy smell of the cables. Nowadays the cable car company transports about 800 people per day up and down our famous and wonderful mountain.


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Two hotel interiors


Vintage interiors in vernacular photographs are a rare find. It wasn’t the culture to photograph the room you were in, unless people were the main subject. Also, cameras of old did not cope well with low light; even today’s phone cameras do a better job. So, it was lovely to come across these two, atmospheric examples. The window and mountain view are very much the subject of the second image, but the dynamic between the interior and exterior is what makes this image so intriguing.




Before and afters

 The first was faded to magenta but via a black and white conversion, to sepia, and the use of a filter, the image gains a warm painterly feel, appropriate to the era.


25---View from lounge-cropped



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Mushroom Hills

These weirdly shaped rock formations remind me of mushrooms and a few other things. I’m guessing they were photographed on a road trip in Iran in the early 1970s.


The original was extremely grungy, and although that is an aesthetic I love, this one needed to be cleaner to appreciate the dramatic shapes and late-afternoon light. I applied some effects to simplify it and then brought out stronger colors.

Before and after


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Mountain Top Village

I have no clues as to where and when this awesome scene was captured. Its from a collection of slides circa 1970s, but feels timeless. The landscape and village are dramatically connected to each other – of course the location must have been chosen for a strategic reason but one can’t help admiring the large, creative vision that gave rise to this choice. I do hope this village is still there today.


This was a real challenge to restore and took 2 attempts to get the right color and depth. The photographer was probably using a zoom lens and this resulted in a flattened perspective. It was also grainy, overexposed and faded. The sky was completely whited-out and had to be recreated.

Before and after


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