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Cable Car Table Mountain

The Table Mountain cable car pictured in the early 1960s with a lone man inside. These cars could transport about 12 people comfortably. I can just remember them, the open air and greasy smell of the cables. Nowadays the cable car company transports about 800 people per day up and down our famous and wonderful mountain.


Visit the cable car website


Air France Postcard

Not an old slide this time, but a postcard from Air France. I love it and have pinned the original above my desk. Air France issued many such postcards, all gorgeous designs. However, out of the hundreds on Pintrest, EBay and Google I can’t find this one, so perhaps its quite rare! On the reverse is a reference number 60 279/11/78.



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Decorated Horse

This horse was photographed on a dusty road in Iran, sometime in the early 1970s. Taking a ride in a 2-person horse-drawn buggy is still a slightly touristy thing to do in bigger centers, but given the age of the slide and the seemingly remote location I’d guess this was used by locals. I’d love to see how those bright red pom poms come alive when the horse is moving. Iran has more than one unique breed of horse but as I’m not an expert, descriptions like ‘ewe necked and slab-sided’ don’t help me to understand what I’m looking at!


I loved the subject matter but the colors were really dull. To bring the pic alive I did some basic restoration work on tone and contrast then had a bit of fun with color and filters.

Before and after:


Click for big.


Belgian State Visit

One of the most rewarding aspects of collecting is doing research on the images. I really enjoy probing the Internet to see what I can find out from the threads of information contained in the image. As a result, my general knowledge of things odd and unusual from all over the world is growing!
The coat of arms turned out to be British but these are not members of the British royal family. It was a Facebook friend who took a wild guess that this is ‘Fabiola of Belgium’. She turned out to be right. I looked up inbound state visits to the UK dating back to the 1950’s and learned that King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola of Belgium visited the UK from 14 – 17 May 1963. It was their last official visit to Britain. The slide was taken shortly after their arrival by royal train at Victoria station where they were met by Queen Elizabeth and then rode in a carriage procession to Buckingham palace.

Men on a Quay

Men wait on a harbour quay somewhere in 1963.

A radical straightening was needed, then recoloring and sharpening. I find that many seaside and harbor snapshots, with a lot of blue in them, turn quite magenta over time. Recoloring brings them back to life.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Charleston Row

This row of old houses was photographed in Charleston, South Carolina, USA in 1959. A note on the frame reads ‘Tricyclist of 90’, referring to the old man making his way down the road on – yes! – an adult sized tricycle. I also noted the brand new, shiny parking meters, looking like they had just been installed.

I enjoyed working on the colors and textures of these old buildings.

Before and after. Click for big.


Ocean Liner Passing By

A romantic image. I like the relaxed setting on a grassy bank, no stinky harbor or crowds, just Dad and the boys. I wonder what places this liner voyaged to? Its something to build dreams on and plans …

Fresher, deeper colors, just a tad overdone, give this the look of an old postcard. The smoke was a little challenging – trying to keep it real while working on the sky.

Before and after. Click for big.



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On The Bus

Travel snapshots invariably include modes of transport, though mainly from the outside. I like this bus interior with its red seats. Friendly old buses – they haven’t changed much.


I repaired 2 corners after straightening and cropping, and got rid of the magenta tone. The final step was to cartoon it which emphasizes the lovely shiny reflections on the ceiling, color and form.

Originals. Click for big.


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