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Two hotel interiors


Vintage interiors in vernacular photographs are a rare find. It wasn’t the culture to photograph the room you were in, unless people were the main subject. Also, cameras of old did not cope well with low light; even today’s phone cameras do a better job. So, it was lovely to come across these two, atmospheric examples. The window and mountain view are very much the subject of the second image, but the dynamic between the interior and exterior is what makes this image so intriguing.




Before and afters

 The first was faded to magenta but via a black and white conversion, to sepia, and the use of a filter, the image gains a warm painterly feel, appropriate to the era.


25---View from lounge-cropped



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1970’s Christmas ‘Game’

For Christmas this year, I had a bit of fun restoring this slide of Christmas Day gift opening back in the day, and making a ‘hidden object game’ with it. Its fun to look closely at the details of 1970’s culture in a home setting and reflect on what’s changed, stayed the same, or come back into fashion.

Click on the pic below for a larger version, and have fun!




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Beautiful windows Near Eastern

Interior with decorated windows. Both of these images come from a collection of travels in the Near or Middle East circa 1968-1978. Both really beautiful, they feel almost timeless. I love the pink, yellow and green together with the deep browns. Both also have the blurred edge of a person just entering the frame, which adds a subliminal human element.

Window of a bus


Stained glass windows, mirrors and glass chandeliers


Restoring these images involved paying a lot of attention to color, overall tone, and shadow and highlight. They were both a little flawed with areas of glare, which I managed to reduce.

Before and after



Click for big



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Exotic Bar

This old slide is dated 1963 but we don’t know where it was taken. The bar is suitably dingy, but welcoming. I love the classic simplicity and exotic nature of the scene. There are many interesting details, like a fridge set into the wall, counter bell, lopsided twin lamps and trophies on the wall. The hand of a patron (off scene) leans on the bar, with his spectacles resting alongside a nice big jug of beer.

The dark areas of the pic were very grainy and needed to be deepened to smooth them out. As a result I had to increase contrast and lighten selected areas. The slide also had some crystal damage.

Before and after. Click for big.



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On The Bus

Travel snapshots invariably include modes of transport, though mainly from the outside. I like this bus interior with its red seats. Friendly old buses – they haven’t changed much.


I repaired 2 corners after straightening and cropping, and got rid of the magenta tone. The final step was to cartoon it which emphasizes the lovely shiny reflections on the ceiling, color and form.

Originals. Click for big.


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