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Two hotel interiors


Vintage interiors in vernacular photographs are a rare find. It wasn’t the culture to photograph the room you were in, unless people were the main subject. Also, cameras of old did not cope well with low light; even today’s phone cameras do a better job. So, it was lovely to come across these two, atmospheric examples. The window and mountain view are very much the subject of the second image, but the dynamic between the interior and exterior is what makes this image so intriguing.




Before and afters

 The first was faded to magenta but via a black and white conversion, to sepia, and the use of a filter, the image gains a warm painterly feel, appropriate to the era.


25---View from lounge-cropped



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Motel Swimming Pool

I remember when hotel swimming pools were so big that to swim was to explore. It was the 1970’s and maybe it only seemed that way because I was a child. But no. They had alcoves, they had fountains, walkovers, and planters. Hooped handholds and chlorine soaked poolside cement with *no childproof fences*. I’m starting to think I should print some very large scale images and this might have to be one of them.

Edited version





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Hoggs Back Inn

Hoggs Back Inn is a famous hotel in the dreamy, rural haven known as Hoggs Back, Eastern Cape. Its been there for about 100 years and has changed only subtly. This swimming pool and garden are still there, and they still have those yellow garden chairs. That is the charm of it. However, this is is a challenge for a vintage photography site – when a place hasn’t changed a whole lot, and looks much the same today as it did back in the day. I value the unchanging, classic tradition of a place like this, but how to show it? When I started playing around, I came up with the oval setting, which speaks of tradition, and the use of monochrome areas, which reminds us of of old photographs from long ago. The composition also gives the feeling that its an oasis of a place, and is loved by the many who have stayed there (PS: this is not a review, I have never been there!).


I started by doing tone and colour work on the original then applied the reddish monochrome to certain areas. This increased the drama and depth. I masked off the area outside an oval shape and then revealed some of the foliage outside the shape.


Before and after. Click for big.


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Boating in the Gulf of Naples

These leisure and sailing boats are clustered in a small, traditional harbor on the Gulf of Naples, Italy in 1966. In the background is the ‘Transatlantico Ristorante’, which still exists, although it was undoubtedly more romantic in this era than the generic, whitewashed place it has turned into now.

Recoloring of this image was necessary to remove the purple and blue tints left by time. I hope I recaptured the warmth and romanceof the day.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Freeways of Los Angeles

This image, shot in 1962, is a firm favorite. I plan to print it in the largest possible size. Its proof that the subject can be conveyed just as well, and sometimes better when out of focus, and that composition doesn’t require sharpness.

Although I liked the washed blue of the original, I do find that the motel on the left stands out better in more realistic colors, with deeper tones.

Before and after. Click for big.


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