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Paseo de la Reforma – Mexico City

Shoe shine man – Mexico City, 1971. Thanks to a note on the frame we know that this is on Paseo de la Reforma – a grand boulevard designed in the 1800’s to mimic the boulevards of Europe. It runs diagonally through the city and has several statues to mythical and political figures. The one in the background here is Fuente de La Diana Cazadora – in Roman mythology, Diana is the goddess of the hunt.


Now I like doing a bit of research, and managed to locate this exact spot in Google Earth. The shoe shine man is gone. The trees have been replaced by younger ones and the paving is different. The park in the background gave itself up to concrete and glass. Only two things are unchanged: The statue and that drainage vent in front. That’s how I know I found the spot!

See how it looks today:

Place-de-la-Reforma-Mexico-City-Today2   Place-de-la-Reforma-Mexico-City-Today4


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Cool down walkway

Some time ago I came across another slide of this beautiful walkway, both pics having been taken from the same spot, which I think is somewhere in Rome. I loved the setting but the first slide was a ruin: dark, blueish and moldy. So imagine my joy when this far better specimen turned up. That’s the great thing about travel photography; the chances are good that with enough material, many shots of the same places will appear. This one was lighter and more colorful, giving me plenty to work with.


The strong contrast between the light and dark sides of the pathway needed evening out, a new sky was added and the fountains were highlighted. I also applied an artistic filter to accentuate edges.


Before and after. Click for big.


For comparison, here is the original too-dark one. Its kinda cool that the woman is walking along the fountain edge, where its wet, and not on the path.


Spray Me!

Possibly one of the sexiest images in my collection so far. The well-dressed people – suited men hugging in a group, woman walking tossing her luscious hair – pointed shoes all round, and the context of the park with its deep shadows and old walls. It’s Italy – Europe at its most exotic – in the 1950s. Of course the most exciting element is the exuberant spray of water.


I did all the usual restoration tricks but was then looking for some real drama, and so used an artistic filter to punch it out even more.


Before and after. Click for big.


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Toddler Twins in a Park

Such a beautiful, compelling image from Italy in the late 1950s. These two twin girls, with their short black hair, matching outfits and bags are almost too much to believe, especially in that setting.

I increased the drama by deepening the darkness of the trees and brightening the foreground. I also removed the blurred boy on the left hand side. Yes, I’m sorry little boy but your sisters stole the show!

Before and after. Click for big.


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A Very Long Queue

I’ve always liked this image, taken through a spiral walkway of 3 lines of people, all part of a very long queue, somewhere in 1964. What are they queuing for? It must have been something appealing to young and old, men and women, and Nuns. They all look so well behaved, and relaxed. Love the kid with the black rimmed glasses on the top row.

The original needed brightening and reduced contrast as many of the people are in the shade. The fountains have also come up well in the restored version.

Before and after. Click for big.


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