Category: Domestic scene

Woman Reading A Book

I’ve loved this image for a long time. The simplicity of the fifties decor, the serenity of the moment. The reminder to take a little quiet time, alone, and just read a book. This benefited from a black and white conversion. The original colors were ruined and it was hard to recover anything good given Read More

Dreams and Books

Do dreams come from books or do books come from dreams? This idyllic childhood snooze is from the late 1950’s. Can one still get patterned upholstery fabric like that? I was a little in love with the ruined pink and yellow colors of this old slide but it didn’t shape up well when I tried Read More

Merry Christmas 1

Christmas celebrations turn up in all slide collections, and some of the most fun people pics are among them. This has been a favorite for a long time. There were a few nice enhancements I could add to this image. I removed the plant from behind the man’s head and after a short hesitation, decided Read More

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