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Best of April

Some stunning images emerged during April. I unpacked several boxes of unseen slides, and also returned to collections I had liked and put aside years ago. The mix of favorites in this post reflects both the beauty of the images and a level of curiosity about South Africa shown on Instagram. The order below reflects Read More

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Two moms enjoying a chat at a toddlers birthday late 1950s. A classic snapshot that perfectly captures the tête-à-têtes between the mothers with an offbeat composition. Tempting to crop it but I liked the deep well of the veranda space and the way the balloons poke in at the top. The square format slide had Read More

Instant Relatives

Instant Relatives

The term ‘instant relative’ has emerged in popular culture. It refers to those photos of people found at flea markets. You can purchase them, take them home and presto! you have instant ancestors on your wall. I’ve seen them in holiday houses and restaurants, cloak rooms and hallways. In one holiday house I stayed in Read More

Double Kodak Moment with Hairnet

Double Kodak Moment with Hairnet

The cultural practice of photography is usually hidden – you see the snapshot that was taken not the photographer in the act of taking it. That’s why I love this 1966 find in which a woman is photographing two girls in the small front garden of a house in what looks like Mowbray, Cape Town. Read More

Princess Bride 1960s

Princess Bride 1960s

Mid 1960s bridal charm and simplicity. The perky little golden crown, looking like a Disney prop is what I fell in love with when I saw this old slide. I also love the second image which has been so carefully composed to include the bride and her man in the picture frame on the dresser Read More

The dinner party

A long time favorite, this image. Our focus is on the young woman staring back at the camera – obviously annoyed, even angry. Its gratifying to see a genuine, unfiltered, un-hidden, un-bidden emotion on display. With so much posing and smiling for the camera, as we are taught to do, this is refreshing. Its also Read More

1970’s Christmas ‘Game’

For Christmas this year, I had a bit of fun restoring this slide of Christmas Day gift opening back in the day, and making a ‘hidden object game’ with it. Its fun to look closely at the details of 1970’s culture in a home setting and reflect on what’s changed, stayed the same, or come Read More

Old Row

The date is 1966 and that’s all we know about this old row. I love the forecourt with its flowerpots, hunks of wood and washing line. Mom and kids perch on a doorstep; this is their everyday life. The buildings are dilapidated but ornate with their broken plaster, old clay brick, and richly colored, fading Read More

Tea Party in Red, White and Blue

A companionable garden tea party back in the day. Mugs of tea, cigarettes and a good book. The red white and blue painted garden furniture is a great color combination. Not sure about those wooden ‘skis’ the legs are attached to though, I much prefer the way it looks without. This slide was in good Read More

Gardening Enthusiast

This pic is dated 1966. Good old gum boots, a cap and tie, what a wonderful outdoor outfit. I reckon a pretty satisfying day could be had pottering around in this patch. Color corrections and sharpness, a blue sky and it looks warmer and brighter. Most welcoming! Before and after. Click for big. Read More

Evening Drinks on a Swing Seat

So many things spotted in old photographs can bring back memories of the past, and often it is furniture, familiar but now exotic because we no longer have it. The swing seat, although I’m sure it is not entirely gone, is now seldom found in ordinary gardens. Recently, on Facebook,  I posted another image of Read More

Child at a Washbasin

A rare and very beautiful image. Not many parents *lovingly* photograph a child doing a domestic chore like this. The ordinariness of the scene is rich with detail too, like the old-style tiles, rounded over the edges, the boy’s hand knitted jersey, and the big china basin. People have been known to fall in love Read More

Jolly Tea Party

What a jolly little tea party this is. Give me that swing seat all to myself! I think its England but I do know (from other slides in the collection) that these people are proper South Africans. They also know how to drink things other than coffee and tea, in fact I strongly suspect there Read More

Rondavel Veranda Breakfast

I remember staying in Rondavels on family holidays – they were a popular form of accommodation at family style resorts. The round interiors, thatch roofs, and polished cement floors combine in my memory so deliciously. This outdoor family breakfast is a perfect way to start the day. Thank you to Kodachrome, this early sixties slide Read More

Merry Christmas 2

I just love this image. It looks as if I’m making a special collection of Christmas images! It certainly does give human beings a chance to be very, very silly. Its not in focus, and many elements sit on the edges being cut off, but all of this adds to the feeling of a moment Read More

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