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Best of June

Some wonderful images emerged during June as I continued to open boxes of old slides in my collection, in fact some of the strongest images came to light this month so that I had to raise the bar as to which made it into this post! Here are the picks from June in strict order Read More

A Fishing Family

Usually vernacular slide photography is all birthday parties, travel and glamour so a collection of pics taken locally in SA by a fishing family is something different. This group of snapshots were dirty and blurry but the grit seemed to go with the subject and I like how they look with an added dry texture. Read More

Asleep on a train

Asleep on a train

I love the irony of this wonderful 1960s snapshot. When in the moment we seldom think of the journey a photo can take in the world. Both photographer and sleeper had no idea that the Internet would one day exist and that this image would be shared – and enjoyed – in digital form by Read More

John O'Groats Post Office

John O’Groats Post Office

Looks cute and cottagey doesn’t it? Conjures up cobbled village streets, quaint pubs, nodding roses, fragrant heaths and such doesn’t it?! Well, I’ve just read up about the town of John O’Groats (pop. 300) on the extreme north east tip of Scotland and cute it is not. Lonely planet called it a “seedy tourist trap” Read More

Beautiful windows Near Eastern

Interior with decorated windows. Both of these images come from a collection of travels in the Near or Middle East circa 1968-1978. Both really beautiful, they feel almost timeless. I love the pink, yellow and green together with the deep browns. Both also have the blurred edge of a person just entering the frame, which Read More

Boat People

An enduring favorite of mine. I don’t know who they are, where or when this was taken, but the intimacy of the moment, the sense of fun and companionship draws me right in and makes me feel like I’m right there with my boating buddies. Straightening the horizon and then selectively recoloring parts of the Read More

Dreams and Books

Do dreams come from books or do books come from dreams? This idyllic childhood snooze is from the late 1950’s. Can one still get patterned upholstery fabric like that? I was a little in love with the ruined pink and yellow colors of this old slide but it didn’t shape up well when I tried Read More

Siamese On My Shoulder

Stunning photo of a gorgeous animal. Its possibly less appealing than a toddler holding a kitten, nonetheless this image of an older man holding his beloved, prize cat is very compelling. I like the composition in which his face is hidden. This didn’t need much work, mainly color correction and a subtle blur here and Read More

Koppie Koffie

Taken on a school camping trip in the early 1970’s. A cup of coffee – oh so welcome before setting off on the day’s hike. Nowadays we’re so used to people photographing their food with their mobile phones that it pays to stop and remember that people didn’t really do this back in the day. Read More