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Teacher Protest

My guess is that this is in Belgium or Holland in the 1970s. A rather polite looking teacher’s protest, whether school or university teachers I’m not sure. I haven’t had it translated yet and hope someone will see this and help me out!

A nicely composed shot, quickly snapped. The old slide was quite clean and needed little input from me. I corrected color and tone and sharpened it.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Cafe Rockefeller Center

Cafe on the Lower Plaza at the Rockefeller Center in NYC. It looks like a great place to rest up after a day of sightseeing. In the background is the golden statue of Prometheus (incidentally it was hated by the artist who made it). In winter this area is an ice skating rink. The late afternoon light in this pic – all golden yellow and inky dark blue – must have inspired the choice of umbrellas. They switched to stripey brights in the early sixties and I think that was a mistake.

Before and after. Click for big.


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A City Square Somewhere

A classic, well laid out city square, located I suspect, somewhere in South Africa. An interesting detail is the flower wreaths below the monument. Had an important date recently passed?


After some improvements to the original image, I recolored and smoothed it.




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