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Dancers in the park

A very pretty, slightly silly picture, just begging for a caption. Tell me if you think up a good one!


Before and after

This image started out dark and awful. I enjoyed brightening it up and applying a painterly effect.





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Swans on a tranquil lake. Its a beautiful scene good for a chocolate box or biscuit tin. I colored the original dull, blue image with intense golds, greens and oranges.






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Cool down walkway

Some time ago I came across another slide of this beautiful walkway, both pics having been taken from the same spot, which I think is somewhere in Rome. I loved the setting but the first slide was a ruin: dark, blueish and moldy. So imagine my joy when this far better specimen turned up. That’s the great thing about travel photography; the chances are good that with enough material, many shots of the same places will appear. This one was lighter and more colorful, giving me plenty to work with.


The strong contrast between the light and dark sides of the pathway needed evening out, a new sky was added and the fountains were highlighted. I also applied an artistic filter to accentuate edges.


Before and after. Click for big.


For comparison, here is the original too-dark one. Its kinda cool that the woman is walking along the fountain edge, where its wet, and not on the path.


Spray Me!

Possibly one of the sexiest images in my collection so far. The well-dressed people – suited men hugging in a group, woman walking tossing her luscious hair – pointed shoes all round, and the context of the park with its deep shadows and old walls. It’s Italy – Europe at its most exotic – in the 1950s. Of course the most exciting element is the exuberant spray of water.


I did all the usual restoration tricks but was then looking for some real drama, and so used an artistic filter to punch it out even more.


Before and after. Click for big.


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Romantic Italian Lake

From a collection of late 1950’s slides comes this gorgeous, romantic scene. Its formal, yet relaxed, and oh so beautiful. I love the group in the foreground – their smart-casual outfits and relaxed posture. The ornate chairs, glistening water, boating parties, large trees and monument are a fantasy of ‘genteel travel’ that still exists now.


This slide was in good condition having come from a well-cared-for collection; it had been in a glass frame for 50 years. It was a joy to correct the colour, bringing the greens out while maintaining warmth. I added contrast and definition, and made a better cropping.


Before and after. Click for big.


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Toddler Twins in a Park

Such a beautiful, compelling image from Italy in the late 1950s. These two twin girls, with their short black hair, matching outfits and bags are almost too much to believe, especially in that setting.

I increased the drama by deepening the darkness of the trees and brightening the foreground. I also removed the blurred boy on the left hand side. Yes, I’m sorry little boy but your sisters stole the show!

Before and after. Click for big.


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Cherry Trees Brooklyn

A park in Brooklyn New York in 1959, bursting with blossoms on the cherry trees. There are certain things like the pram that really pop out and tell us this is a scene from long ago. The people also seem rather formal. Maybe it was the cool spring weather that didn’t invite complete relaxation, or maybe it was the times.

The original was rather dark and moody. After a lot of tone and color work, many layers later, the scene came back to life.

Before and after. Click for big.


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