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Cairo Late 1950s

Three images of old Cairo taken in 1959. The original slides were drive-by snaps or souvenirs. They are now really blasted by age, and are covered in dirt and mold. This condition seems to suit the subject, however, so I gave them a sepia treatment and enhanced texture. Cairo of the 1950s was a really different place to today, society there has become much more conservative, and conflict threatens ordinary ways of life as well as ancient relics. Just to consider Egypt and what it has meant to travelers from all over the world for decades, is to realize that countries have a responsibility towards world heritage. I guess that is UNESCO’s message. Historic Cairo became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979, 20 years after these pics were taken.








Chagal Windows Israel

This small synagogue is at Hadassah Medical Centre in Israel. The arches contain famous stained glass windows by Chagal. This pic from 1964 was taken only 2 years after they were installed. Hadassah is a large medical complex, and campus. The role of art in healing is part of their philosophy hence the investment in a Chagal masterpiece. The windows depict the 12 tribes of Israel; go here to see what they look like from inside and at night, when illuminated.

I love the shapes in this image and the walking man. One of the challenges of the original was reducing the window reflections while keeping the detail of the stained glass sections. In the end a smooth, stylised look worked best for me as it got rid of all detail and left only the essentials – shape, colour and form.



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