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1970’s Christmas ‘Game’

For Christmas this year, I had a bit of fun restoring this slide of Christmas Day gift opening back in the day, and making a ‘hidden object game’ with it. Its fun to look closely at the details of 1970’s culture in a home setting and reflect on what’s changed, stayed the same, or come back into fashion.

Click on the pic below for a larger version, and have fun!




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A Pocket Full of Presents

A holiday camp in the 1950’s. The children seem to be playing a game – Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosies perhaps? – except this time its a pocket full of presents. Or rather a big fat sack! The children are quite formally dressed for the setting, as was the custom of the day. Father Xmas, too, is in his full outfit, with beard, boots and everything in between. No barefoot, shirtless wannabe in a cheap hat at this camp!

I thought I’d pick something for Xmas so went into my catalog and found this one. It was fuzzy, blue and faded but, as I love the energy in it, I decided to give it a go. I turned out rather well after about 30 minutes of fiddling.

Before and after. Click for big.


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Merry Christmas 2

I just love this image. It looks as if I’m making a special collection of Christmas images! It certainly does give human beings a chance to be very, very silly.

Its not in focus, and many elements sit on the edges being cut off, but all of this adds to the feeling of a moment in time snapped and preserved.

Before and After. Click for big.


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Merry Christmas 1

Christmas celebrations turn up in all slide collections, and some of the most fun people pics are among them. This has been a favorite for a long time.

There were a few nice enhancements I could add to this image. I removed the plant from behind the man’s head and after a short hesitation, decided the flying saucer should go too.

Before and after – click for big.



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