Category: Christmas

1970’s Christmas ‘Game’

For Christmas this year, I had a bit of fun restoring this slide of Christmas Day gift opening back in the day, and making a ‘hidden object game’ with it. Its fun to look closely at the details of 1970’s culture in a home setting and reflect on what’s changed, stayed the same, or come Read More

A Pocket Full of Presents

A holiday camp in the 1950’s. The children seem to be playing a game – Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosies perhaps? – except this time its a pocket full of presents. Or rather a big fat sack! The children are quite formally dressed for the setting, as was the custom of the day. Father Xmas, too, is in his Read More

Merry Christmas 2

I just love this image. It looks as if I’m making a special collection of Christmas images! It certainly does give human beings a chance to be very, very silly. Its not in focus, and many elements sit on the edges being cut off, but all of this adds to the feeling of a moment Read More

Merry Christmas 1

Christmas celebrations turn up in all slide collections, and some of the most fun people pics are among them. This has been a favorite for a long time. There were a few nice enhancements I could add to this image. I removed the plant from behind the man’s head and after a short hesitation, decided Read More