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A Fishing Family

Usually vernacular slide photography is all birthday parties, travel and glamour so a collection of pics taken locally in SA by a fishing family is something different. This group of snapshots were dirty and blurry but the grit seemed to go with the subject and I like how they look with an added dry texture. Read More

One way round!

Probably England, late 1950s. Mom and son on a seaside boat ride. Quite a solid little boat that one, its certainly not made of plastic. Seaside amusement parks and areas, with boat their rides and many other facilities seen here in the background, were an important part of mid century culture. Outings to seaside amusement Read More

Men on a Quay

Men wait on a harbour quay somewhere in 1963. A radical straightening was needed, then recoloring and sharpening. I find that many seaside and harbor snapshots, with a lot of blue in them, turn quite magenta over time. Recoloring brings them back to life. Before and after. Click for big. Read More

Snoozing on the Decks

Date, place, ship and title of novel unknown … its a simple, chilled and cozy scene. Only one person is wide awake and he is on the very last page of his novel, utterly absorbed to the last nail-biting moments. I love the way the two women’s heads are leaning together. Its not all about Read More

Simonstown Harbour Scene

Simonstown harbor in 1960. I love the flags – half transparent and whipping in the Cape wind. What a funny collection of men on that small fishing boat. This image appeals to my sea- and South Peninsula loving heart! I deepened the sky, bringing back its moodiness, and brightened up the flags. I decided not Read More

Working Harbor

Back in the day, before harbors become amusement parks and shopping areas, this 1966 scene was more common. Rough and ready, working harbors were a real adventure to explore. Before and after. Click for big. Read More

Suntanning on a Boat

An unknown boat, and unknown location, but we do know its 1964. The leisure pursuits of suntanning and reading a book with friends are that much more sumptuous on a boat. Or at least it looks that way to me. Before and after. Click for big.   Read More

Flirting on the Beach Hawaii

I have long loved this image of a man and a woman on the beach in Hawaii, 1971. He chubby and tanned, she hand on hip, high heeled, and long-dressed, half hidden by a palm tree. It looks like a holiday flirt. There is black, volcanic rock in the background. Before and after. Click for Read More

Boating in the Gulf of Naples

These leisure and sailing boats are clustered in a small, traditional harbor on the Gulf of Naples, Italy in 1966. In the background is the ‘Transatlantico Ristorante’, which still exists, although it was undoubtedly more romantic in this era than the generic, whitewashed place it has turned into now. Recoloring of this image was necessary Read More

Boat People

An enduring favorite of mine. I don’t know who they are, where or when this was taken, but the intimacy of the moment, the sense of fun and companionship draws me right in and makes me feel like I’m right there with my boating buddies. Straightening the horizon and then selectively recoloring parts of the Read More