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Best of March

Hi there, here are the top Instagram picks of March 2018. This was the first month in which I really got posting on a daily basis and this selection reflects the images that people responded to most enthusiastically. The response was not always what I had expected so I’ve learned a lot about what appeals Read More

Me on the Beach

I like the natural, simplicity of this beach sunbathing scene from the early 1960s. The beach looks wild, possibly on the Cape West Coast. The women (‘Me’ on the frame), is in a blue bikini and blue sunglasses to match. With just a towel and blow-up pillow, she looks super relaxed – just as it Read More

Beach Grab

My guess this is a Cape Town beach on the Atlantic seaboard, 1960s. It’s a wonderful example of vernacular photography that weirdly works. Despite being hastily snapped and, as a result, being skew and blurred, there are enough details from the era to make it interesting. I love the relaxed indifference of the women as Read More

Beach on the coast of Spain

Beach on the coast of Spain

I tackled this slide because of its physical qualities but fell in love with the scene along the way. The slide is in shocking condition, faded to pink and flimsily framed, but interesting because it is a large size – 4mm square. I know this beach is in Spain because of others – labelled – Read More

One way round!

Probably England, late 1950s. Mom and son on a seaside boat ride. Quite a solid little boat that one, its certainly not made of plastic. Seaside amusement parks and areas, with boat their rides and many other facilities seen here in the background, were an important part of mid century culture. Outings to seaside amusement Read More

Agfa Prints Envelope

Not a slide but a photo prints envelope from Agfa circa 1970s. This was found in a box of slides given to me and I like its crumpled texture as well as the colorful, summer holiday theme. Read More

Dead Sea Swimmers

These swimmers are at the Dead Sea, Israel 1964. A long-time favorite – its such a great composition, I love the way the young girl in her white cap stands out, the pipes, the lolling swimmers on the lake shore. I wonder what it cost to pipe fresh water to this spot? Read about the Read More

Romantic Mykonos

So many holiday resorts have tried – and failed – to mimic this magic. Its a Mykonos sunset, in Greece 1964. This was a delicious job getting the color just right. Before and after. Click for big. Read More

Man with Deck Chairs

A deliciously odd image, the man is fully dressed and out of context. In his suit and long socks, he’s wearing a very serious expression as he makes notes in his little book. Its a bright, sunny spot where one would normally expect to see sunbathers – he should be wearing one of those man-bikinis Read More

Suntanning on a Boat

An unknown boat, and unknown location, but we do know its 1964. The leisure pursuits of suntanning and reading a book with friends are that much more sumptuous on a boat. Or at least it looks that way to me. Before and after. Click for big.   Read More

Flirting on the Beach Hawaii

I have long loved this image of a man and a woman on the beach in Hawaii, 1971. He chubby and tanned, she hand on hip, high heeled, and long-dressed, half hidden by a palm tree. It looks like a holiday flirt. There is black, volcanic rock in the background. Before and after. Click for Read More

Mykonos Beach

Snapped in 1964, this looks like a wonderful place, relatively uncrowded then, to spend the day relaxing. A very satisfying bit of work to correct the tones, colors and feel of this favorite image. Before and after. Click for big.   Read More